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Car Basics: Shock Absorbers, Steering, Services And Towbars

When my dad first told me about power steering, I wasn’t mightily as impressed as he was then, and that is because I was born when he was well into his twenties and have never experienced driving a dismal-looking (and feeling, mind you) vehicle that was commercial during his time. His animated face as he taught me the first time to move the car 45 degrees to the right to enter the dangerous roads, was priceless. But to say the least, I was curious. Like that little monkey owned by the man with the yellow hat. So I started asking more questions.

My first question of course was the humorous kind with the immature spell written all over my face. It has to do with my ‘bottom,’ of course, and how it wasn’t jostled and frazzled and knocked and bumped to the next century. Visit 

My dad, yet again is a wonder, and I felt the same way when he mentioned the word shock absorber (frankly, ‘cause I didn’t know what it mean). By dissecting the two words like the mad scientist I can only dream to be, I got the gist of the meaning. He explained using the words “expansion” and “compression” and controlling this and that and the “springs in the suspension” that I seriously thought I was in medieval Italy 1345, not knowing a single word of Italian. He managed to dig himself out of that hole however when he began to reminisce the times one of his mates opened up a website that listed various companies and local stores that offered car service Broadmeadows when he still lived there and explained using the baby terms. In Italian. And I learned well.

Next up, was that little bar on the beck of his ute that I once gained a nasty big bruise from when I ran into it. Tow bars, apparently, the heavy duty kind for our big ol’ caravan. It’s a bar fitted to the back of a vehicle used to tow trailer or caravans and whatnots. His mate also listed towbar services and towbar installation as well. His favourites, undoubtedly, were the companies that deliver quality service at affordable prices, but only if they have an extensive experience in the industry. Apparently there are heaps of towbar services including ones for cars, 4×4’s, trucks and all kinds of machinery, really. If they’re a specialist, he said, and with a mobile service, then it’s the right choice.

In any case, though, I’ve learned well and the basic mechanics of a simple car that is commonly used everyday and is one of the easiest and most convenient mode of transport is really important to know about in this side of the industry as a learner and as a driver.

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