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The Core Benefits Of Camping

Camping is the perfect way to get out of the busy city lives. You of course need a break from the constant stress of meeting deadlines, board meetings, reports and projects. This could either solely be done as an activity or can be a support activity so that you could focus on your outdoor hobbies such as mountain biking, hiking or hunting. So here are some of the benefits of camping.

  • The fresh air and sunshineDon’t you just love the smell of freshness as soon as you enter the camp site? Most people think it’s all in our head but it’s actually not. Residing near trees for a few days will let you breathe in extra oxygen. This boost in oxygen releases serotonin which helps your body function with less strain. Studies have also shown that the extra oxygen will help maintain good levels of blood pressure, improve digestion and boost your immune system. Who knew fresh air could do so much? Sunshine would also be great for your skin. It absorbs Vitamin D.
    • SocializationYou’ll not be going alone on the camping trip so you can spend some quality time with your friends and family. Socializing is known to expand your life span and delay memory problems. So, you don’t have to worry about dementia when you grow old. Camping is a great way to bond with your employers too. So, if you have any chance of joining them on a trip, do so. You’ll get to talk about a lot of things and get to know your bosses well. You might realize he’s not that bad after all.
      • Reduces stressYou are in dire need of a break from your hectic work lives so camping would help you relieve all that stress from meeting deadlines. The extra oxygen and greenery evens out melatonin levels which is the chemical in your brain that gives you the feeling of stress, tire and depression. So, camping will not let you feel anger or annoyance and keep your mood energized at all times. Also, surprisingly you would find yourself getting a good night’s sleep even in sleeping bags Australia.
        • ExerciseThe most obvious benefit is the exercise you get due to physical activity. Put on those hiking boots and take a trip up the mountain. You’d easily burn around 200 calories per hour. If you engage in cycling, that could burn up to 300 calories per hour. Better than going to the gym, right?Apart from these, you would feel fresh and energized once you get back home. You’d be content with yourself, as you have faced and overcome a few challenges while camping.