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Hiring a Limousine in Perth


Limousines are custom designed stretch or super luxury sedans which generally have a separation between the driver and the passengers. As such, they are a symbol of style, novelty and sophistication and they make for a very good experience any given day. Most people hire these limousines in light of their special days, which can include prom nights, graduation ceremonies, weddings, bachelor nights and so on.

The variety and the novelty that any limousine hire company offers in large metropolises like Perth are huge and extremely diverse in terms of the fleet. People can choose from a very large variety of limousines which include traditional luxury sedans, stretch versions of several sedans and also vintage limos. There are various companies that provide these services throughout the city. Each has a different set of limos which they make available for a large variety of occasions.

Also, some like to hire these limos for travelling to/from the airport and so on. These limos give people the sense of comfort, privacy and style that everyone covets today. Given that the alternative is a cramped taxi ride or when you have a car service planned, these limo rides seem like the best option for many executives. As such, there is also a fleet of limos which are custom made for executive use.

These limos have the best leather seating, phones and sometimes they go even further to increase passenger connectivity. Whenever you have a plan about a car service and have someone very important arriving at your place, then you can make them feel special by hiring from these fleets. These fleets largely include executive and super luxury sedans which are highly spacious and decked out to be extremely comfortable. Get to know the most common car services over here. The various collections of fleets include:

Stretch Limos: These are specialized, long chassis and elongated wheelbase sedans which are highly spacious and come with custom designed interiors. These include the Lincoln Stretch Town Car, the Chrysler Stretch and the Ford Fairlane Stretch. These are the trademark design of a limo and they make for a very highly comfortable ride. Their interiors can include LCD/LED Screens; custom fitted sound systems, telephones, dry and wet bars with glasses and complimentary drinks, snacks, novel types of lighting and so on. There may also be various other such features which are more or less company specific.

Luxury Sedans: These are high-end luxury cars which are designed to exude gloss, charm and style. High-end cars such as the BMW 7 series, the Mercedes Benz (various models), the Holden Caprice and Chrysler 300 C make for a very elegant and extremely sophisticated travelling experience. These are generally used by executives travelling to/from the airport, to/from offices and so on. Also, some newly wedded couples may prefer the use of these cars.

Coaches and Buses: These are not exactly limos, but they are extremely spacious and comfortable buses and vans which can take anywhere from 10-60 people. They come with various features and fittings and are generally used as party buses and also for airport and transit shuttles and so on. Large groups arriving in Perth can travel in these buses, which are highly well decorated and extremely comfortably fitted out. Given the fact that these options are better for groups, they tend to be cheaper than the individual use limos.

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