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Tested To Destruction

The biggest, the best, the fastest, the strongest; we tend to discount a lot of what we are told by advertisers and promoters as hyperbole. But sometimes there is a claim which really grabs our attention, like a skateboard for sale that can be run over by a car without breaking. It’s a great promotional idea that emphasises the strength and endurance of the penny skateboard better than any superlatives. Of course many of us remain sceptical, and some of course have to try it for themselves. 

And you can find numerous videos of people doing just that, running car wheels over penny skateboards. Most of the time there is no damage at all, the plastic deck bends to the ground as the weight of the car bears down on it and then returns to its previous shape. Occasionally though there are reports of other parts that have broken, a chunk taken out of the holden wheels for sale, a snapped king pin, a broken truck. The reason is that while the deck is sufficiently strong and flexible, not all parts of the board are designed for it. In a controlled situation the car wheel goes across the centre of the board, not over the skateboard trucks and wheels. In a real life situation any part of the board could be run over. 

Flexural strength is the ability of an object to bend without breaking or permanently deforming. The flexibility of the plastic used in the deck of a penny board is important not only when you run a car over it, but also because it adds to the smoothness of the ride, absorbing shocks from uneven surfaces. The deck however also needs some rigidity to keep its shape and the more rigid a plastic is, the greater the brittleness and the more likely it is to break. It’s a compromise between flexibility and form, so unless you want to try riding a rubber skateboard there will always be a chance of breakage if sufficient force is applied at the wrong point. A high speed impact by a car, or a strong force applied to the board close to the trucks where the plastic can’t bend as easily, could possibly mean replacing your deck or a truck or a wheel. Go here for more information regarding VW alloy wheels.

Running a car over a penny skateboard though does demonstrate one thing very clearly. If anyone thought skateboards were just for kids, this clearly shows that anyone can ride a penny board. There is no weight limit, no age limit, skateboarding is open to anyone. The penny board is tough and durable and if it is used as intended it is likely to last a long time. It may even survive being run over by a car. However nothing is totally indestructible; so unless you have given up skateboarding, it seems senseless to test your penny board to destruction, throwing it at trees, hitting it with a sledgehammer, or smashing it on the ground repeatedly. After all if you try hard enough for long enough, you might just succeed.

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